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What is Phytoworx Hair Loss Shampoo?

Phytoworx is a hair loss shampoo which contains a combination of plant stem cells and essential oils designed to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which can specialise into any cell in the body therefore useful for any growth and repair required. We naturally produce these in our bone marrow however the supply and use of our own stem cells can be limited. The aim of adding these plant stem cells into the shampoo is to allow them to specialise and support the hair follicles.

This review will break down all the ingredients and discuss whether or not the claims of this shampoo are true and how effective it has been for users.

What are the active ingredients?

The primary ingredient the shampoo claims to reduce hair loss is apple stem cells, specifically Malus Domestica (Orchard Apple). Whilst there hasn’t been any proven scientific studies on the effectiveness of plant stem cells on the scalp, its effects are said to increase the activity of dormant hair follicles by lengthening the anagen phase of a hair follicle.

The anagen phase in the life cycle of a hair follicle is the period it grows. According to the makers, this shampoo allows the hair to grow for longer than otherwise possible and is a popular cosmetic ingredient in many anti-ageing creams.

The other main advertised ingredient in this shampoo are essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree and rosemary oil however these oils are included mainly for fragrance.

Malus Domestica — Apple Stem Cells

Does Phytoworx Shampoo actually work?

To determine whether this shampoo will actually work without any empirical evidence we must look at the theory.

Human stem cell research has shown to give very promising results, including completely regrowing hair but there is no treatment presently available. Plant stem cells (such as apple stem cells) on the other hand have had a much more limited application. Though it is commonly used now in the cosmetics industry, there is no clear sign it will improve hair loss.

Prolonging the anagen phase of hair growth and providing stem cells for replenishing the hair follicles will cause hair growth and possibly the condition of the hair shaft to improve. But as far as hair loss is concerned however, it may do little to improve that.

Hair loss is physiologically caused by inflammation on the scalp, most often from DHT. Whilst there is still inflammation, hair growth may increase but strands could still fall out at the same rate.

The essential oils don’t improve the situation at all. Unfortunately, after historically discovering many uses of essential oils as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents, they have been abused by the trends of our age. Almost all essential oils are neurotoxic, either from ingestion or by being absorbed into our skin, which means they damage our nervous system. Simply adding them into shampoos can aggravate inflammation and worsen hair loss as they can literally burn hair roots. To top it all of, there is little research to show its long term safety on the nervous system.

Therefore, if you are paying over $100 per bottle solely for faster hair growth at the risk of inflammatory elements — there may be cheaper and better alternatives.

Phytoworx Shampoo — User Reviews

User Reviews

This product has no official site on the company or the shampoo however it is sold on amazon and other buying platforms.

The user reviews all seem positive, though the legitimacy of these reviews should be questioned as they have a similar writing and reviewing style. Some reviewers have complained the shampoo had no effect on their hair whilst others reported several side effects. These include an oily, ‘pastey’ feeling in the hair, itchiness and a residue left behind. There were also reviews of it worsening the condition of hair loss sufferers.

Alternative Hair Loss Treatment — Taoist Soap

If you are looking for hair loss treatments or simply supplement it with any hair loss shampoo, it is important to re-enforce the basics of combating hair loss. As we discussed, the cause of hair loss is always inflammation even if the cause of that inflammation comes from multiple sources.

To alleviate this, we must improve blood circulation to the scalp and reduce factors causing that inflammatory response. This is why Minoxidil works so effectively as it is primarily improving circulation to the scalp when topically applied.

Using any shampoo or conditioner that is fragrant with harsh chemicals (SLS, paraben and even essential oils) can contribute to the inflammation. Even the top brands like Herbal Essences have been guilty of this. Instead, compliment your hair loss treatment with something gentler such as the the Taoist Soap.

The Taoist Soap actually counteracts inflammation by improving blood circulation without any harmful substances. It not only reduces the amount of hair loss from your scalp but also replenishes hair follicles to grow hair faster. There are few shampoos in the market that have replicated this anti-inflammatory property in a natural soap, which is gentle enough for every day application.

Lifestyle Changes

Alongside a good shampoo for reducing inflammation in the scalp, certain lifestyle changes can greatly promote the health of your hair.

  • Scalp massage daily can increase blood circulation to the capillaries in the scalp. Just 15 minutes daily can drastically reduce the number of hairs that fall.
  • Taking vitamin supplements such as B-complex, flushing Niacin, magnesium and Biotin are all essential in developing healthy hair and providing it with the correct nutrition.
  • Exercise is important to reduce inflammation throughout the body, especially the intense aerobic kind.
  • Taking epsom salt foot baths will work great to remove toxic substances from the blood and give the liver a push.

Combining both lifestyle changes with the shampoo and any other medication you may already be on are an effective treatment in severely limiting hair loss and promoting hair growth as opposed relying on just one shampoo.



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