Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Danna Lewinsky
16 min readDec 13, 2020

This is a complete list of tried and tested home remedies for hair growth that i have worked on for the past 18 years of my life, fighting hair thinning issues, and due to that, researching and trying different methods, products and regimes for helping hair growth — including meeting real scientists who have worked in this field.

This also includes home methods for fast hair growth, as fast hair growth, be it for black hair, or hair of any other race, principals for human biology are still the same, even tho genetically we may have different traits.

…but its all possible to support hair growth, and at worst case, to keep and maintain current hair state from worsening…

These hair growth home regimes are suitable for men and women alike — the difference is that men have to work slightly harder then women, as their biology is different when it comes to hair growth — but its all possible to support hair growth, and at worst case, to keep and maintain current hair state from worsening, if not actually regrow a percentage of lost hair.

1. Taoist Soap Regime — A Home Remedy for Hair Growth

From all my experience in using different pills, products, shampoos, DHT blockers and pharmaceutical products (minoxidil, finasteride and others) — I have found a natural home system that works for me personally — you can obviously adjust and see what works best for your body and hair type — as everyone is different — but this is the most effective regime that I have found to work for myself, and my friends and family of all ages and races.

This regime can possibly stop all further hair loss, and may grow thicker hair in men and women — it is probably the best hair loss remedy I have come across in the past 18 years of research and study with scientists and herbology masters.

The regime called the Taoist soap regime, is very similar to indian home remedies for hair growth, that were passed down within families in that region (india, pakistan, bangladesh, sri lanka) — that is why they often have great hair — this regime has been developed further and adjusted with the knowledge and understanding we have today, about hair and skin care.

Indian home remedies for hair growth involved a lot of scalp massage using oils made locally — but this is not always possible, and does not actually work single handedly if not done in a regime like below.

Taoist soap regime involves the following — which, for best results, should be done as a regime, not on its own (single method treatments for anything rarely ever work):

  1. Scalp massage everyday for 10 minutes: This means you use your finger tips, or a massage machine, or tool, to massage your whole head (not just affected areas, but also back of head, and behind the neck, for a good 10 minutes a day, building up to 20 minutes a day). This is important to start with as it de-calcifies your scalp, and helps push out toxins to prevent and stop inflammation (due to increased blood flow). This is officially the most under-rated method for helping hair
  2. Collagen intake 2 times a day (powder form — not pill): Ideally you want to get a beef based collagen for this, as beef amino acids are one of the most bio-available amino acids for the human body, contrary to what people have said about vegetable collagen, which simply is no match in my opinion and experience from it.
  3. Using the Taoist soap at least 2 times a week — this is a no-brainier — just as a support to help stop inflammation, which is the root cause of hair falling out the scalp for men and women — using this organic soap on the scalp, in tiny amounts (finger tip rub on soap, and rub direct on scalp) does wonders for supporting hair. Visually this soap also helps expand the hair strand diameter itself after washing.
  4. Walking 30 minutes a day (see details) — this is probably going to be the most ignored part of this regime because most people will think, oh i already do this, and do that for my health and go to the gym. Well yes, but the point is to do what is challenging to you, cardiovascular-ly. Many people suffering from hair thinning are office jobs or jobs that involve not moving a lot — each time you are sitting for more than an hour, your body oxidizes faster, and needs to move. This does not support hair, let alone a youthful appearance overall.
  5. Protein Diet for 2 weeks at least — this is a medical diet, and not meant to be a permanent way of life. Its only to be used for resolving or helping resolve hormone imbalances — be it insulin related or any other. Most people have some sort of insulin issue, or other hormone imbalance, which is resolved or helped by going on a diet called the protein diet — this is where you are allowed to only eat lean beef and leafy greens that must be steamed not raw (there is a big reason behind this) — yes even for breakfast. Good news is, after 2 weeks, this diet already shows you the power of what it can do to you.

Results: You start seeing results from week 2 for men and women. I have told many people about it and usually around day 10, to day 14 they notice. But if you ask me, I would just build a good habit for the above regime, and let nature do its thing to help you restore or support hair growth.

Why is a protocol like this needed for hair growth?

You were probably expecting a pill that cures balding, or an oil to help stop further hair loss progression, but this is not going to happen with the level of technology we have — nor has something complicated ever been cured using a single ingredient — a remedy and regime has to be applied, to get all the wheels moving in the right direction at the right time.

Sometimes I tried to just do one or two of the above regime, and found it not to be even nearly as effective for me — it somehow has a collective mass effect when done together, rather than one or two at a time.

This is the power of a home remedy or regime that people do not understand — collective effort towards one goal, similar to how all the parts in a car, work towards making the car move or stop when needed, if one wheel isn’t functioning well, or is punctured, then there will be a problem — that is how regimes and home hair loss remedies work.

Homemade tips for hair growth (faster) — other than hair thickening

The remedy that actually helps with thinning hair, will directly help with faster growth of hair too — so this article can also be titled as a homemade tips for faster hair growth — but I had to choose one, so I choose the other title, but the same methods apply for faster hair growth, as they do for improving hair growth.

The only thing I have seen in people with slow hair growth on the head, is due to lack of nutrition, vitamins and minerals — and this they need to correct by themselves, whilst combining the regimes mentioned in this article (if suitable for you, and having consulted a doctor, if you have pre-existing medical conditions which are out of the scope of this article).

There are many homemade tips for hair growth (for faster hair) — but a combination is what will work best, so please refer to the chart for the best remedy.

Things you should be aware of — and possibly stay away from

There are a lot of products being sold as hair loss cures that fix hair single handedly — this is a rare occurrence, whilst it is possible depending on the individual, but I do not recommend using the following below:

Viviscal Supplements and Shampoo

This has been a heavily advertised range of products which are usually aimed at people looking for supplements for hair thinning. But the problem is, a lot of the supplements ingredients are just pilled up together, and this is not when things work for what you are trying to achieve, hair growth or hair maintenance. There is no harm in trying it, and in no way I am trying to bad mouth them, but it simply is something I won’t recommend.

Alpecin Shampoo and caffeine shampoos

These caffeine based shampoos, from Alpecin shampoo, to other similar German shampoos were based on a study that was conducted by the companies themselves to make it look like hair grows when caffeine is applied topically — but it turns out not to actually be true for many reasons.

Most hair loss is due to a complex bunch of reasons which boil down to genetics — these can be managed, however, to help keeping hair to some extent, as we know now, that genetic expression can change with your life patterns and emotions in just a matter of months. This means that all aspects of life, that you do regularly, need to examined — as it is these patterns that are directly or indirectly affecting your skin and hair.

For example, if you are doing certain activities which exhaust your nutrition supply in the body — the first areas that get cut off from nutrition is your skin and hair — this is because these are not life essential functions — they are not needed to keep you alive as compared to keeping your organs functioning.

Excess Sexual Activity — Anti-Remedy for Hair Growth

This is a bit of a odd topic to talk about — but our body fluids contain a lot of support for the body, which is lost during sexual activity, for men and women — the same concept as mentioned in the last paragraph — where if you are doing a certain activity, and exhaust your nutrition supply, the first to suffer is skin and hair — the exact same applies to sexual activity.

Many people will often notice when they have not had sexual intercourse for a certain amount of time (meaning enough time for their body to recover) they suddenly are more attractive to the opposite sex. This is at least 80% true on most occasions, as there are many other variables and it is not as simple as that, but just for the sake of explaining the support it does to the body, I thought to give this example.

Aloe Vera for Hair Home Remedies

Aloe Vera Hair Home Remedies are commonly used but not a complete solution

This has been getting a lot of hype because it can be a useful plant for skin conditions — however it should not be used long term, and regularly — its most effective when used occasionally, and even then, you should be careful.

Not that it has negative side effects — but it does weaken the protective layer on the skin, if used too regularly.

For those interested in natural home remedies for hair loss or any conditions, they should always keep in mind, that single ingredient remedies should only ever be used sparingly — not regularly — as they are not complete solutions to the problem, always a regime, or a combination of ingredients is required — and no, this does not mean you mix ingredients yourself and do a trial and error — although that’s fine to do, you simply do not know enough to carry out such experiments — it is not as simply as mixing random ingredients you know are good for you, into one mix, and applying on the skin or scalp.

Many people have tried that, and many companies try this too — without any proper scientific understanding on how those ingredients interact. The same with herbology — where they think creating a new formula will work when the ingredients almost look like they would work together — you can actually easily end up making a poison without even realizing what you have done — master herbologists too, stay away from ever creating new formulas, they stick to already known formulas, and adjust ingredients carefully.


This is another one of the expensive herbs often promoted for a lot of health benefits — but the problem is, people don’t realize when eastern medical practitioners talk about a benefit of a herb, they are saying the benefits only when used in combination of a formula, not as a single ingredient, ever!

Health conditions are complicated, be it hair thinning, or even a flu — reason for the same condition is rarely the same in 2 people who have the same condition — so why would treatment be as simple as a single ingredient? Till this day, western or eastern medicine has never come up with a treatment using just a single ingredient — it always requires 2 or more.

The same is with food — to make food that you find delicious, you need to mix the right ingredients, but not only that, it has to be the right ratios — this is how true taste develops — the same is with herbology and natural remedies for hair loss (for example).

Onion Juice as a Remedy for Hair loss

This is another single ingredient, and as already mentioned, this is not a complete remedy — it may work one time, and may cause problems long term — is better, to develop a regime, and make it 1 remedy altogether, such as the Taoist soap regime as mentioned at the top of this post.

Geranium and Rosemary Oil

These oils are often in essential oil format — and this is something people with hair thinning, hair loss and scalp inflammation should stay away from. Essential oils of all types are often promoted as hair growth oils, but this is far from the whole truth — yes some people may have accidentally seen results to a small extent but this is not going to last long term (if continued).

You can use oils short term — but most oils are not suitable for hair loss long term use, especially essential oils, as they are far too concentrated, and fragrant, which affects inflammation, even if you dilute them — and inflammation can cause further hair thinning.

Genetics and Hair loss — Final Conclusion

Doctors have often told patients that if you have genetic hair loss, and that there is little you can do to escape it — this is not actually true and is a misunderstanding of genetics.

Genetics, as we know today, does change. This greatly depends on your life patterns — and this is called genetic expression to be more precise.

We have seen studies online where an individual, just changing their exercise and diet for 6 months, causes a change in their RNA — this is pretty big news, and is similar to what some Yoga teachers talk about when they teach yoga and Qigong — where they say genetic material is constantly changing according to your emotional state, let alone just diet and exercise. This makes sense as your emotional state is, to an extent, your hormones. So if you are stressed more than relaxed 90% of your day, that is bound to affect the way your hormones will release — and this will have an affect on your genetic material.

If you have used any methods, and have results, please do comment below and let us know — and if you feel there is something we can amend on our post, please do let us know, we are always open to new discoveries and feedback from readers.

Please do share, like, clap, this article, to let others know about it — especially if you learnt something new from it.

Bonus Addictions to Hair Growth — Some not so Natural

There are many ways to support hair growth — but there are sometimes things you are doing which affect hair growth rates, which need to be tended to. Here are another bunch of methods which also help in addition to the regime mentioned above.

  1. Use Keratin Products to get a fuller look

Keratin can make a instant fuller look — of course this is not so natural — and the essential oils or other scents added in these should be avoided — essential oils can damage hair follicles, especially when you have sensitive skin or scalp — so stay away from those, but keratin treatments can generally give a better look for short term purposes.

2. Sleep Deep Enough to allow Hormones excretion

Hormones are vital to hair growth and skin well being — but also to the overall youthful look anyone can have — maintaining good hormones is possible, but you have to have discipline in your nutrition as well as your sleep. Sleep deep enough to support hair growth and general well being (we are much happier when well rested and fed).

3. Eliminate Stress to Avoid Hair loss getting Worse

Stress is such a general word, but also one of the most powerful factors that affect our health. There is even research to prove that the source of cancer for all people, is stress. One scientist even went ahead to say, that any human being, that doesn’t feel sadness, simply cannot get cancer. The statement was very brutally criticized and taken out of context by some, but the gist of the message was, emotional stability is what is needed. So you just have to manage the way you view things — and the answer to that is — when it is painful, let go — and when situation is bad, zoom out far — zoom to the point it is good again.

4. Brush your Hair Gently When De-tangling

This is important for people with long hair — so generally applies to women — but can apply to men too! Instead of brushing after a shower, when your hair is most vulnerable, it is better to do it before.
The material the brush is made of also matters — wooden brush or silicone brush are better and gentle on the hair follicles then metal ones.

5. Trim your split ends regularly

This is often thought to be a myth — but it isn’t — hair breakage is real, and can break all the way up to the whole hair strand- so cutting the ends when you are doing hair maintenance is a good idea to keep everything tidy, and still get great healthy growing hair.

6. Apply a Hair Mask on your Hair regularly

Hair masks like cinnamon and coconut oil based, can be beneficial for the hair. They are good for removing potential impurities. Once every 2 weeks is a good way to maintain and even improve hair quality.

7. Avoid Shampooing too much to allow hair to regenerate

This is vital and never understood by many men — women already generally understand this. Shampooing usually causes a harmful environment for the hair, as it is a soap, mixed with other ingredients to create a certain effect, and clean. It still is the same ingredient that soap is made of — using lye and oils — so we have to watch out with how often we shampoo our hair, but also how long to leave in the hair. Shampooing 3 times a week is okay — but you have to find the sweet spot for your scalp and hair type. Sometimes you need to do more often, sometimes you can get away with less often.

8. Control or Limit Heat based hair styling to protect hair

This is a easy to understand point — heat can kill or damage hair, and hair follicles indirectly. Not doing these and finding alternatives to style your hair is another good way to prevent further damage to your hair and hair growth rate.

9. Take Enough Anti-oxidants for Supporting Hair Growth

Supplements of anti-oxidants like Omega 3–6–9 as well as Zeaxanthin and Asthanxanthin are a great combination to take on a long term daily basis (taking altogether is better in this specific case). As well as CoQ10 — which is another anti-oxidant which also will prevent hair from greying.

10. Avoid being around drugs and smoke to protect hair and skin

Smoke is already known to damage the outer surface of our body — including hair follicles — avoiding being around smokers, and in fact, quitting smoking will help tremendously to help protect hair, and support healthy new hair growth.

11. Hot Oil Treatments done regularly to Help Scalp and Hair Health

Hot oil treatments with castor oil can help support hair growth — not only that but also add that vital shine, which shows how healthy and bouncy the hair is — wash off using praban free, scent free shampoos.

12. Rinse Top of Head with Cold water to Strengthen Hair Growth

This is an old method of helping hair growth and helping keeping hair roots strong. In traditional Chinese medicine, it prevents heat from damaging the scalp and hair follicles.

13. Rinse Hair with Cold Fruit based Vinegar to Detox scalp and Strengthen Hair growth

This is often not talked about — but I personally have tried this more then the others, and it is one of my favorite one as I see great results in just the first rinse. After about a week, my hair texture also feels different and feels great. Try and see if it also works the same for you — we are all different so it may not always be the same for everyone.

14. Prescription medicine that cause hair loss

There are a lot of seriously damaging prescription medication that damages the stomach, liver and kidneys — these need to be looked at, and seen if this is a possible side effect. Alternatives should be sought, if possible, or different medicines which have different side effects.

15. Egg Yolk Mask for Hair to Prevent Breakage of Hair

This is again, another old wisdom for hair — it works great especially if you have dry and damaged hair. I personally do this occasionally, and not too often. It is a solid regime to add in addition to the Taoist soap regime mentioned earlier in this article.



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